Certified Core Classes

A Jumpstart in Life

New to Science of Mind? Been away a while and need a refresher? This class opens up the “secret” of living in joy, abundance, and peace. Learning the fundamentals of Science of Mind is the first step to putting into practice a powerful way of thinking about and using the natural law of the Universe.

When: 3-hour class meets for 2 weeks

Tuition:  Free + $5 for class materials

Textbooks: None

Foundations: Life-changing Spiritual Principles and Practices

In these classes we study and apply spiritual principles and their corresponding spiritual practices. We learn how to gain more clarity and less confusion about what to do and how to do it. The classes are experiential, with guided meditations and exercises to assist us in incorporating spiritual practice and understanding into our daily lives.  This course is required prior to any further course enrollment.

When: 3-hour class meets for 10 weeks and a 1 day workshop

Tuition: $240  + $15 for materials

Textbooks: Science of Mind –  Ernest Holmes

Spiritual Practices for Daily Living: Discovering and designing a spiritual practice

Building on the knowledge gained in Foundations, this class focuses on how to have an active daily connection with Spirit and how to find a unique way of doing that through spiritual practices. We will explore receptive (meditation) and directive (prayer) ways of communing with Spirit to be able to choose the perfect spiritual practice in every moment and situation. Various forms of meditation are presented, and we will develop greater skill in verbal and written prayer, especially for others.

When: 3-hour class meets for 10 weeks

Tuition: $200 + $15 for materials

Textbooks: Journey of Awakening – Ram Dass, Can We Talk To God? – Ernest Holmes

Prerequisite: Foundations


Self-Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self

Have you ever wrestled with the impulse to react when you want to respond compassionately and calmly? Do you wonder what causes you to react in ways that leave you feeling dissatisfied? Do you have questions about integrity and compassionate communication? Do you sometimes wonder how to be a spiritual person in a practical world? This class is an inward journey exploring feelings, ego, relationships, and the process of personal change. With direct, practical advice, you will discover new ways to deepen human love, trust, and forgiveness.

When: 3-hour class meets for 8 weeks plus a 6-hour workshop

Tuition: $200 + $15 for materials

Textbooks: Science of Mind and Living the Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes

Prerequisite: Foundations


Roots of Science of Mind: Experiencing the inspiration that led to our teachings

Learn how our teachings became a system that freely draws from many religions, philosophies, literature, and sciences. Directly experience the power of those teachers and the teachings that inspired Ernest Holmes, our Founder. This class guides us through the writings of three of the most important influences in Holmes’s development: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

When: 3-hour class meets for 10 weeks

Tuition: $200 + $15 for materials

Textbooks:   Scientific Christian Mental Practice – Emma Curtis Hopkins, The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science – Thomas Troward, Emerson’s Essays – Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes

Prerequisite: Foundations


Visioning: Tuning in to Intuition

Visioning is the practice of attuning our lives and our thoughts to spiritual guidance and direction. As we become more aware of spiritual guidance at work in our lives, we begin to turn to it first before taking action or making decisions. Knowing how to ‘listen’ to spiritual guidance—and how to differentiate between other messages that pass through our awareness—becomes a valuable skill in living a fulfilling life. Visioning is about the personal transformation that occurs when we let spiritual guidance inform everything we do! In this class we learn how to vision and experience the power of visioning with others.

When: 3 hour class meets for 6-weeks –    18 credit hours

Tuition: $120 + $15 for student workbook

Textbooks: The Life Visioning Process audio CD — Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith (highly recommended)

Prerequisite: None


Pre-Practitioner Class

This evening is devoted to exploring what a Professional Practitioner is  and does,  the content of the Professional Practitioner Program, and the joys of being a Practitioner in service to the CJL community and humanity.   You will have an opportunity to ask questions and will receive the application for the Program.

Professional Practitioner Application 2014     Practitioner-Certification-Booklet-20141 (1)

When:  Meet for 3 hours for one evening – 3 credit hours

Tuition:   None.    Please bring $20 for application fee for Professional Practitioner Studies

Textbooks:  None

Pre-requisite:   Foundations, Self-Mastery, Roots, Spiritual Practices


Professional Practitioner Studies Year 1

This 30-week course takes us on a deep journey of self discovery, focusing on a keen understanding of our teaching and applying spiritual principles. We continue mastery of life through personal responsibility, the power of choice, and structured spiritual practices. Through reading, reflective writing, affirmative prayer, and classroom exercises, we develop a moment by moment awareness of what it means to live a spiritual life. (Required attendance at one evening Pre-Practitioner Class is required. Offered every other year beginning in September and ending in May)

When: There are three 10-week terms – 3 hours each evening –   Total 90 credit hours for Year 1

Tuition: $300 for each 10-week session

Textbooks: Science of Mind and Living the Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes, plus other books required each term

Prerequisites: Foundations, Spiritual Practices, Self-Mastery, and Roots of Science of Mind


Professional Practitioner Studies Year 2

In this course, we will learn the necessary skills for working with clients and the application of spiritual principles in human conditions through expanded use of affirmative prayer. We deepen our role of selfless service to our spiritual community and hone the consciousness of a healing presence. Successful completion of this 30-week course with written and oral exams culminates in Practitioner Certificate with Emerson Theological Institute.

When:  There are three 10-week terms.

Tuition: $300 for each 10-week session

Prerequisites: Foundations, Spiritual Practices, Self-Mastery, Practical Mysticism, and Roots of Science of Mind

Textbooks: Science of Mind and Living the Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes,  plus other books required for each term


Professional Practitioner Internship

Four 3-hour (12 credit hours)  practice sessions and preparation for the Oral exams and assistance with 5 demonstrations and 5 case histories, completion of Practitioner Personal Manual, mentoring, and assistance with completion of  Emerson Theological Institute Application for Practitioner Credential.  

When:  During a 6 month period following Professional Practitioner Training Year 1 and 2

Tuition:  $120

Prerequisites:   Professional Practitioner Studies Year 1 and 2

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