About Our Classes

“As we study our own being, we begin to deduce the nature of God.” — Ernest Holmes



The Center for Spiritual Living Delaware is affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living (logo above).  Students may take classes for personal spiritual enrichment or as a path to taking Professional Practitioner Training leading to being a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner.

About Our Classes

Our classes give you what you need to expand your knowledge of New Thought – Ancient Wisdom/Science of Mind spiritual principles and to gain practical spiritual tools for everyday use. In addition to learning about our philosophy and how to apply it, being in a class is one of the best ways to enter more deeply into our spiritual community. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know people of like mind.

Our teachers are experienced and love to share the power that these teachings have to change lives. Classes combine experiential exercises with explanation how to establish a spiritual practice. Many lifelong friendships have begun in our classrooms. Come and join us as we explore and experience the transformation spiritual practice can bring to every life!

Classes are from 4 or 5 to 8 or 10 weeks in length and generally begin in January, March, June, and September (winter, spring, summer, and fall). Registration begins prior to the first class.

Certified Core Classes

Spiritual Enrichment Classes

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